Last-Minute Christmas Food and Gift Ideas

Looking for some great ideas for Christmas gift foods? Here’s a list of my favourites.

Nespresso®-compatible coffee capsule comparison test/review

See what I think about the new wave of Nespresso®-compatible coffee capsules 😉

Kusmi Teas at One Nation Paris

I’ve discovered the delicious tastes and large selection of Kusmi Teas at One Nation Paris

Gourmesso, alternative capsules for your Nespresso® coffee machine

A blind tasting of Gourmesso and Nespresso coffee capsules. Try them and see for yourself!

The Raw Deal

Thermomix is a fantastic tool for preparing raw foods. Here are some basic raw recipes to get you going, including CADA, Purple Power Smoothie, Sunflower Herb Pâté, and Raw Carrot Ginger Soup.

Rainy Day Remedies

We’ve just been walking the dogs in the Hampton Estate woods in the pouring rain. Beautiful but wet, very wet. I am delighted for the rain, however, as my garden

It’s so Simple

In my post called “Have Your Cake and East it, Too” several of my assiduous Readers noticed that I moistened the cake layers with a mixture of sugar syrup and

In the Christmas Spirit (finally!)

Madame Thermomix hasn’t really been in a Christmas-y mood this year and has been specifically reacting to the overblown commercial hype which overshadows the real meaning of Christmas more each

Checklist for a Snowy Day

Winter has come early this year to Great Britain in general and to England in particular. Here in Surrey it is unheard of to have temperatures below zero Celsius in

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