Easy Mushroom Rub

Dried mushrooms bring moisture and fabulous taste to your Sunday roast chicken. Has a thousand other uses, too. Don’t clean the bowl before making the tastiest gravy ever 😉

A Feather in Your Hat: Pheasant Rillettes

Adapted for Thermomix from a traditional French recipe, these rillettes ensure that the flavourful pheasant meat is made as moist as possible while retaining its own flavour and melding with the flavours of the seasonings.

The North Yorkshire Chronicles, Part Four: Of Chorizo and Risotto

I close my eyes and take a bite. The slightly smoky, more than peppery, piquant flavour immediately transports me not to Spain, but to… North Yorkshire. Sorry? You read right,

Green Pizza

“What? Green pizza?” I can hear you say. Yes, green pizza. It’s delicious. So there! The green in my pizza actually comes from some superb rocket pesto I made in

Thermomix Soup: The Best Kept Secret of Dieting

BBC One’s recent documentary called “10 Things You Need to Know About Losing Weight” scientifically proved that a thick blended soup is a brilliant way to control hunger pangs and

Let’s Talk Turkey

As far as I’m concerned, Thanksgiving is the most important holiday in America: it transcends religion, ethnicity and class to bring families and friends together around the all-important dinner table to

Wild About Mushrooms

It’s Fall again (or Autumn, as Fall doesn’t seem to be a recognised season in the UK) and this year the fields and woods are full of wild mushrooms of

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