Cream of Mushroom and Chestnut Soup

A deep and earthy soup made from two of my favourite ingredients, mushrooms and chestnuts. Use chicken stock for extra flavour or vegetable stock for a vegetarian treat. Absolutely gorgeous! Makes 8 starter servings or 4 large bowls.

Easy Mushroom Rub

Dried mushrooms bring moisture and fabulous taste to your Sunday roast chicken. Has a thousand other uses, too. Don’t clean the bowl before making the tastiest gravy ever 😉

A Feather in Your Hat: Pheasant Rillettes

Adapted for Thermomix from a traditional French recipe, these rillettes ensure that the flavourful pheasant meat is made as moist as possible while retaining its own flavour and melding with the flavours of the seasonings.

The North Yorkshire Chronicles, Part Four: Of Chorizo and Risotto

Yorkshire Chorizo and wild mushrooms make a delicious risotto!

Green Pizza made with Thermomix 1-Minute Pesto

Green Pesto Pizza made with Thermomix 1-Minute Pesto is another fast and easy way to prepare a delicious meal or snack

Thermomix Soup: The Best Kept Secret of Dieting – Mushroom Soup recipe

Making blended soups from start to finish in just one bowl in the Thermomix is fast and easy – it’s done in about 20 minutes, in fact. Enjoy this easy Mushroom Soup recipe.

Let’s Talk Turkey: Powdered Mushroom Turkey Butter and Shitake mushroom & celery stuffing

Two brilliant Thermomix recipes (if I have to say so myself) for preparing your Thanksgiving or Christmas turkey

Wild About Mushrooms: Thermomix Mushroom soup

After a day of foraging for wild mushrooms in the forest, what better way to enjoy them than in a deeply flavourful Thermomix Mushroom Soup?

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