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  1. Pauline McPharlin
    6 June 2016

    I love creative cooking, particularly using my thermomix.

  2. Madame Thermomix
    6 June 2016

    Thanks, Pauline! And thanks for subscribing to get a sweet little email when I post new recipes!
    Happy Thermomix cooking with Why is There Air !

  3. Moshe Levin
    8 July 2016

    GREAT & Tempting Recipes, THANKS

  4. Dale
    24 July 2016

    After searching the net and the recipe community I finally found your moussaka recipe… and Thank You!! It was exactly what I was looking for. I made it this week and it was declared Yum by all.

  5. Madame Thermomix
    24 July 2016

    Thank you, Dale! I love that recipe, too. I made huge batches of it and they all came out beautifully. Happy Thermomix cooking with Why is There Air!

  6. Penelope Curtis
    19 October 2016

    Because Madame Thermomix is also ‘free as air’

  7. Madame Thermomix
    19 October 2016

    LOL that’s great, Penelope! Nice to hear from you and thanks for subscribing to Why is There Air. Stay tuned for more delicious Thermomix recipes coming up soon!

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