The North Yorkshire Chronicles, Part Two: My Heart Beats for Harry

The North Yorkshire dawn chorus begins. Birds of all kinds ease me into consciousness as the sun begins to rise above the horizon, bringing light to the valley below. I

Home Grown, Local, Delicious!

Flash back two days. It’s Friday and I should be packing my suitcase to leave on holiday tomorrow but the sun is shining and I’d rather be outside. As I

The North Yorkshire Chronicles, Part One: Cold Spring up North

We have just arrived in North Yorkshire for a week’s well-deserved holiday. After meticulously packing what seemed like the entire kitchen into the car for a week in a pet-friendly

Rainy Day Remedies

We’ve just been walking the dogs in the Hampton Estate woods in the pouring rain. Beautiful but wet, very wet. I am delighted for the rain, however, as my garden

Cooking with James: an Assemblage of Flavours and Textures

Yesterday I had the pleasure of cooking with three Thermomixes – oops! with James Knight-Pacheco, Chef, private caterer, Cookery teacher, presenter, consultant, and soon-to-be Chef Patron of Assemblage, his dream

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