Madame Thermomix’s Smoked Salmon Spread

A light, quick spread or pâté made with smoked salmon and Greek yoghurt. Makes a quick lunch, is great on a cocktail buffet or just when friends pop around and you want some nibbles. Bon appétit !

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Super-Fast Dutch Oven Bread

A super-fast, no-rise loaf that’s ready in about an hour

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Easy Peasy Cocktail Party Finger Foods

Friends drop by unexpectedly? Or planning a low-effort cocktail party? Try these Easy Peasy Cocktail Party Finger Foods you can make with just a few store cupboard ingredients!

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Roasted Bone Chicken Stock

To get the very best flavour in your chicken stock, it’s really worth a little extra time to roast the bones. Professional chefs agree that “Colour is flavour” and chicken bones are a perfect example. Here’s my easy peasy bestest ever roasted bone chicken stock recipe!

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Leftovers Lunch: Caramelised Shallot and Chorizo Tart with Herbed Shortcrust Pastry

Thermomix comes to the rescue once again and helps me rustle up a delicious lunch made from leftovers and the contents of my refrigerator!

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