Galician Wild Garlic Pesto

Inspired by ThermoHubby John’s Northwestern Spanish musings, this recipe takes about a minute to make in your Thermomix. To keep it light I used only a small amount of olive oil. And because we used no cheese, this pesto happens to be dairy free. Serve it with fresh trout, salmon, or monkfish, or mix it into some fresh Thermomix pasta. The subtle taste of orange really lifts the flavour of the wild garlic, and the ensemble is enhanced by the almonds. Delicious!

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Baked Belgian Endive with Ham and Cheese, My Way

This recipe for Baked Belgian Endive with Ham and Cheese, My Way makes a hearty as well as tasty dish that’s great for a winter lunch or dinner.

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My Take on “La Poule au Pot” or Chicken in a Pot (Thermostars Season 2)

Follow my journey in the Thermostars cooking contest for Thermomix advisors and take this tasty, historic dish to a new level.

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Happy New Year 2017!

We wish you and yours everything that is good, right and beautiful for 2017 and beyond. Be it with your TM31 or your TM5, Happy Thermomix Cooking!

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Red Pepper (Capiscum) & Tomato Soup

This is one of my all-time favourite soups, not only because it carries the sentimental value of having been Thermomix demonstration soup recipe for UK Thermomix, but because I just love the way the red pepper taste blends with the tomato. And the pinch of cayenne pepper really lifts the whole soup. You can optimise the use of your Thermomix by steaming meat and vegetables in the Varoma while your soup cooks for up to 30 minutes before blending.

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